Frequent Asked Question   
Q1. How to connect our Bluetooth Speaker?
 A1. Our Bluetooth version is V2.1 EDR  hands free.  It can be connected to the Smart Phones, Tablet PC,  laptop,desktop, Game player, MP3/MP4 and other devices which have Bluetooth function or Audio output .
Q2.How to supply power to our Bluetooth Speaker? 
 A2.There is an External replaceable lithium battery at the bottom of our blue tooth Speaker,charge it by provided USB or charger.
Q3.How long does the battery work?
 A3.4-6 working hours generally. The specific working time depends on users’ operation.
Q4.How long is the charging time for the battery?
 A4.About 2-3 hours,1A electric then takes about 2 hours
Q5.What is the Transmission Distance of our bluetooth speaker?
 A5. 10 meters. It depends on environment and devices.
Q6.Can our Bluetooth speaker work with desktop and laptop which don’t have Bluetooth function?
 A6.Yes, it can work with desktop and laptop without Bluetooth function .  Our Bluetooth speaker can be connected to them by the audio line directly. Or user can install a Bluetooth adapter for desktop and laptop, then they have Bluetooth function.
Q7.How is the sound of our bluetooth speaker?
 A7.Our Bluetooth speaker is armed with outstanding high fidelity, stereo , powerful bass speaker. The sound is 360°surrounding, enjoy the music anywhere and anytime.
Q8.Why there is on sound after computer with XP system is connected with Bluetooth transmitter?
 A8.Because there is no Bluetooth driver in XP system, after download and install Bluetooth driver,  it works.  Almost computers with windows7 system have Bluetooth driver, they work after they are connected with bluetooth transmitter.